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Like you, I am a music lover and audiophile.  I have had a passion for music and its reproduction for over 30 years.  Music is how I de-stress. I find solace in turning out the lights and listening to music -- true therapy.


My business is what is called a “boutique”.  That simply means that my showroom is located in my home. Unfortunately, we live in a time where brick and mortar stores are becoming extinct.  It is not only harder to audition equipment you are interested in, but more importantly find a dealer who is willing to invest the time into you and your system.  I am dedicated to customer service.  I have an obsessive attention to detail and truly want you to be happy with each step in your system toward a lifelike music reproduction in your home. While I can sell you a single piece of equipment, I love building relationships with my customers and helping them achieve their goals. 


I offer a low pressure environment and am happy to set up a time with you, to discuss where you want to go with your system. Give me a call and we can talk about your audio needs.


Scott Warren

System setup
Evolution Acoustics Mini 2
RMAF 2017
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